AVEBIOM (Spanish Association of energy valorization of biomass)was founded in 2004 with the goal of promoting the development of bioenergy sector in Spain and becoming the nexus of the bioenergy sector. Its main objective is to grow the consumption of biomass for energy purposes. It is formed by 185 partners which generate a turnover volume of 3,000 million euro and 8,500 jobs. AVEBIOM activities are very focused on dissemination, it could be said that 80 % of the efforts are aimed at such actions. Among the most important actions we can mention:



  • AVEBIOM co-organises EXPOBIOENERGIA which is an International Bioenergy Fair.
  • It organises the International Bioenergy Congress, which brings together international and national professionals who lead successful experiences.
  • It also co-organises BIOMUN (bioenergy for municipalities) where mayors and municipal staff have the opportunity of receiving advise about the use of biomass.
  • Its presence in the mass media with different tools: websites, mailing a target, social networks, press releases.
  • It edits the International Bioenergy magazine in Spanish with a print run of around 45,000 copies/year.



  • National Observatory of biomass boilers which analyses the current situation of the sector and its evolution. Currently the ONCB has registered over 2500 MW (thermal).
  • AVEBIOM has an extensive experience by participating in several European projects since 2010: BIOmasud, BTCII, Pellcert, Basis, Enermass, Bioenergy & Fire Prevention within programs (IEE, Interreg, Life+).



  • Vice-president of AEBIOM (European Biomass Association), is part of the RHC-EP of the Association.
  • World Bioenergy (WBA) and it is a founding member of the European Pellet Council.
  • AVEBIOM is the Spanish entity responsible for managing the Enplus pellet quality certification in Spain.
  • The Spanish Bioenergy Cluster was founded by AVEBIOM in 2007.

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