City Council of Fabero

The municipality of Fabero, which has an area of 5349 ha, is located in the sub- region of El Alto Bierzo between the 40º 46' north latitude and 6º 40' west longitude and at an altitude of 690 meters in the northwest corner of the province of Leon. It is watered from east to west by the river Cúa. It is rugged on the west by hills of 600 and 800m of height. Mount Forcada, which is commonly known as the "Rubiona" and has 1063 m, rises on the east and in the northwest the foothills of Sierras de Padrón and Pontigas rises.

The municipality of Fabero is on the north with the municipality of Villablino and Páramo del Sil, on the east with Bembibre, Camponaraya and Cubillos del Sil and on the west with Vega de espinareda and the Ancares Leoneses.

It is located 20 km from Ponferrada, 138 Km from the capital of the province, Leon, and 266 Km from Valladolid. It is composed by six municipalities: Fabero, Lillo del Bierzo, Otero de Naraguantes, Bárcena de la Abadía, Fontoria y San Pedro de Para dela, exceeding five thousand inhabitants.

Fabero is located in the mining area of Bierzo, at a height of 690m above sea level, near to Sierra de Padrón and Pontiga, the mountains of Tabernas and Picones, and Altos de Peña Babuela, Fontanal and la Traviesa, and las cruces de Corisiado y de Valdeferrera.

Fabero is a municipality engaged with its natural environment and the environmental protection. For this purpose, among other actions, there have been installed two district heating networks with biomass boilers, one of which provides service to the buildings of the House of Culture, the Multiple Use Building and the City Council. The other one in the public school Lillo of Bierzo.

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