Biomasa Forestal

Biomasa Forestal S.L. is a company located in the Concello de As Pontes, province of A Coruña. It was established for the processing of woody wastes and wood from felling forest areas, into pellets intended for domestic and industrial sales with a capacity of 70,000 tons/year. 

Timber resources currently used are: round wood with more than 80% of the species of the Pinaceae family (Pinus pinaster and Pinus radiata basically). By-products from the processing of wood and shredded wood brought directly from the mount are also used. They are used as boiler fuel or as a raw material for production of pellet (depending on their quality).

The production process comprises of chipping, grinding in green, drying, fine grinding and compacting using two granulators, whereby a pellet with a diameter between 6 and 8 mm and a length of 40mm is obtained.

For obtaining this product the addition of binder is not necessary. It is therefore a fuel of virgin wood dry and pressed in small cylinders, without other additives.

This product has a moisture content less than 10%, a bulk density of approximately 650kg/m3 and a calorific value of 17,5MJ/kg.

BIOMASA FORESTAL, S.L., has great expectations for the use of non-timber resources such as raw materials for the production of pellets for energy use. This is the case of biomass from scrub and undergrowth of forest plantations cleanings, which are a very abundant resource in Galicia but very few used. Actions as the raised in this proposal are needed to demonstrate the viability and sustainability of the development of this type of resource.

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