CIEMAT (Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological research)is a public research body assigned to the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness through the Secretariat of State Research, Development and Innovation focused mainly in energy and environmental fields and the technological fields related to both. Is in a middle position in the chain from the creation of basic knowledge to industrial application, so that its scope of activity always seeks serve as a bridge between the R+D+I and the objectives of social interest.

In this regard, it works closely with other national centers of R+D+I, institutions, universities and companies in the sector of our country in order to be able to transfer knowledge and technology that have been generated, and thereby support and assist the driving innovation and change of the economic model based on knowledge.

Since 1951, as Nuclear Enery Board (JEN), and from 1986 as Ciemat, it conducts R+D+I projects in the energy area. Today, the main lines of action are the study, development, promotion and optimization of the different sources of energy: renewable, fusion, fission and fossil fuels; the study of its impact on the environment; the development of new technologies; without forgetting basic research areas such as high energy physics and biomedicine.

The R+D+I activity which is carried out by Ciemat is part of the national and international level like the participation in EU programs and the cooperation with intergovernmental organizations and research centers in other countries, especially with Latin America and the Mediterranean Basin.

The R+D+I is complemented by training activities, technology transfer, provision of technical services and counselling for the various administrations and representation of Spain in various international forums. 

Ciemat aims to contribute to sustainable development in Spain and to quality of life of citizens through the generation and application of scientific and technological knowledge, and as objective, to maintain a position of center of excellence in scientific and technical areas in which it develops its activities.

With a team composed of around 1,430 people, Ciemat is a technological and geographically diversified. Besides the head office in Madrid in which a significant part of the staff work, there is in Andalucía The Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), a large-scale scientific facility of international recognition in solar technologies; in Soria the Center for Development of Renewable Energy (CEDER) and the Center for the Study of Environmental Law (CIEDA); in Extremadura there is the Extremadura Center of Advanced Technologies (CETA) which is located in Trujillo, and in Barcelona there is the head office of the Socio-Technical Research Center (CISOT).

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