Dissemination Tasks

All partners will contribute to disseminating information about the project and its results. In these terms, each of the partners can organize dissemination activities, expanding cooperation, sharing knowledge and learning from other projects. They could also grab every dissemination opportunity which are linked to the scope of action of the project, organized at regional, national and international levels, such as: fairs, workshops, meetings with local actors, publications in local magazines and all other relevant events where members may participate.

Dissemination activities will be coordinated by AVEBIOM, coordinator of the communication task group, both in the organization of events and in the participation on the most important events organized by third parties (fairs, conferences and other regional and international events) in which EnerBioScrub project will be presented.

During the project, four days of dissemination will be organized in order to attract various actors interested in producing biomass by clearings and scrubs: municipalities with forest land, forest owners, forestry companies, local development groups, etc. Especially it would aim to attract actors of the district heating sector.

Likewise, taking advantage of the travels to the follow-up meetings of the project, small days will be held in one o the two days and in the meeting places of the project committee. These days will be used to disseminate the results of the project, to bring together professionals of the sector, to conduct a workshop in which discussing on the works and results of the project and in which actors in the bioenergy sector can provide their opinion. Open Days will be also held in BIOMASA FORESTAL  and  GESTAMP industrial facilities.

AVEBIOM will conduct a calendar of events related to bioenergy held in Spain and the rest of Europe (congresses, fairs, workshops) and will be submitted to the partners so they can shoose the most interesting and coordinated. Registration and presentation of papers at international conferences for members of more scientific orientation have also been planned. The presentation of the results of the project during the events relevant to bioenergy will ensure the dissemination of the results and ideas beyond the partner countries and regions of the project.