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The overall aim of ENERBIOSCRUB project ("Sustainable management of shrubs formations for energy purposes") is to contribute, as part of the overall objectives of LIFE+ Environmental Policy and Governance, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to mitigate the effects related to climate change, through the demonstration and deployment of technologies that contribute to substantially reduce GHG emissions. 


The proposed project aims the achievement of the EU environmental policy targets by promoting the management of marginal scrub forests by obtaining solid biofuels and thereby be able to achieve community objectives in environmental matters: climate change, forest management and renewable energy. It is intended to reduce the risk of forest fires using the sustainable energy use of highly flammable forests. Innovative methods of management and harvesting of forest that are not currently carried out for not being sufficiently well-known and not be demonstrated in Southern Europe will be used. We have selected four areas of activity in the regions of Castile-Leon and Galicia in which implement the most innovative and environmentally friendly harvesting systems of scrub biomass  and which will serve as a reference for the spread of the technology and the existing proven methods in other areas. 







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Jornada "Gestión Sostenible de Masas Arbustivas"

El próximo día 27 de Abril de 2017 se va a llevar a cabo en la Sala de Grados de la Escuela Universitaria de Ingenierías Agrarias, en Soria, la jornada técnica: "Gestión sostenible de masas...

Inicio de los ensayos en Monte Merlán

El  martes 14 de febrero de 2017 se han iniciado los últimos ensayos de desbroce y cosecha de matorral, que se llevan a cabo en el Monte Merlán ubicado en Palas de Rei (Lugo). ...

Jornada de Gestión Forestal Sostenible

El día 26 de Enero de 2017 Luis Esteban ha sido ponente en unas jornadas referentes a la gestión forestal sostenible.

Jornada Puertas Abiertas en As Pontes

Durante los días 29 y 30 de noviembre de 2016, se ha llevado a cabo una jornada de puertas abiertas y la reunión de seguimiento del proyecto.

Presentación de Enerbioscrub en la feria CABFOREST-2016

Conferencia de Enerbioscrub presentada por Luis Esteban en la Feria CABFOREST en octubre de 2016.
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