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Project follow-up meeting

2 December took place the follow-up meeting in CEDER-CIEMAT (Soria). Some pilot-plants were visited.

Start of trials in Monte Merlán

14 February 2017: start of trials on scrub slashing and harvesting in Monte Merlán (Lugo-North-West Spain).

CEDER-CIEMAT leads Enerbioscrub project

The project focuses on the reduction of the risks of forest fires by the sustainable extraction of the scrub biomass. Click here to read this complete news item.    

Presentación de Enerbioscrub en la feria CABFOREST-2016

Conferencia de Enerbioscrub presentada por Luis Esteban en la Feria CABFOREST en octubre de 2016.

Curso para técnicos de la JCyL

Realización de ponencia dentro de un curso para técnicos de la JCyL.