Expected results

The main results and quantified achievementes of the implementation of the proposed actions will be the followings:


  1. Using 2,000 t of locally sourced biomass saving more than 3,400 t of CO2  compared to a fossil fuel and contributing to a stable renewable energy generation.
  2. Demonstration of technical and economic viability of the supply chain of shrub biomass based on mechanized harvesting methods in 4 different situations, reducing the risk of forest fires.
  3. Determination of the quality parameters of shrub biomass: energetic chemical characterization of 120 samples and production of 8 types with standardized quality pellets.
  4. Establishment of patterns for shrub biomass combustion to ensure lower emissions than those established in the more restrictive regulations.
  5. Job creation in the demonstration areas by investing more than 50 % of the project resources in these areas.
  6. Establishment of guidelines and policy documents for discussion by the main stakeholders involved.
  7. Production of consolidated documents on management guidelines and policies and recommend them to the decision-making centres.
  8. Embodiment of the project dissemination and its results with conventional means: print, radio, web, publications, doors open days, specific seminars, Layman's report, etc.
  9. Establishment of guidelines for making contacts for the creation of a network using projects with similar objectives but different areas of activity, methodologies and results.
  10. Maintenance of the various tools to hold the knowledge and dissemination of results and new actions, after the completion of the project, to different locations inside and outside of Spain for 10 years after the end of the implementation period.