TRAGSA Group, which is formed by the TRAGSA array  y TRAGSATEC, is constituted with public capital and specialized in the development of the rural environment, conservation of nature and provision of emergency services.

GRUPO TRAGSA is an own way of the Public Administrations for the accomplishment, on a mandatory basis, of the works or actions that those entrust it. Its corporate purpose considers a wide and varied range of activities, covering the design and construction of infrastructure and equipment needed for the modernization and improvement of the rural environment, and the technologies for better water management, forestry and conservation activities, improvement and protection of natural spaces.

GRUPO TRAGSA is a leading company in the management of natural resources both in Spain and internationally, and has become a driving force of the dissemination of the agricultural and forestry technology to developing countries, especially Latin America and the Maghreb.

Within the group, its parent company, TRAGSA, is mainly engaged in infrastructure development and provision of technical services in forestry, agricultural and environmental sectors, with extensive experience in forest management, ecosystems and natural resources.

The Sub-department of TRAGSA'S Environmental Actions  has an extensive experience in the definition of methods and protocols of action, and in the optimization of resources in different areas. In particular, it is applied to the supply of biomass from for energy generation, which is included in the present proposal.

The Sub-department of R+D+I is responsible for carrying out the technical monitoring and the economic and administrative management of the R+D+I projects, which are developed by the different units of the Group TRAGSA, as well as to provide the technical and administrative support that the persons in charge could require for the correct development of the projects.

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